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Scottish Puritanism, 1590-1638

David George Mullan

Reviews and Awards


“Professor Mullan draws on an outstanding range of writings and has added a stimulating intellectual history rooted in its social and political context. He is adept at close readings and his examination of the tensions within divinity and political theory is to be applauded. The central section on spirituality is especially noteworthy and to be recommended … a thought provoking study.” – Reformation

“An extremely thorough and helpful survey of spirituality in the Kirk … essential reading for all who study the Church of Scotland in the seventeenth century.” – Scottish Journal of Theology

“This book offers a brilliant insight into Scottish Protestantism and should be read by anyone interested in early modern Scotland as well as by those in search of Puritanism wherever it can be found.” – Journal of Ecclesiastical History

“The great achievement of this volume is to open up the mind of early seventeenth-century Scottish Protestants in a manner that no other writer, apart from Schmitz, has come close to realising … Following an invaluable who’s who of the leading clergy, Mullan offers a unique insight into the self-perception of these men in their office as ministers. At the core of the book is a finely nuanced discussion of the Christian life, from conversion through assurance and the soul’s onward pilgrimage.” – Journal of Ecclesiastical History

“Excellent analysis of early seventeenth-century Scottish Protestantism … important book … Until the publication of Scottish Puritanism, the religious history of early seventeenth-century Scotland was thin indeed.” – Journal of Ecclesiastical History

“A breath of fresh air … a major contribution to puritan studies.” – Sixteenth Century Journal

“Mullan is not afraid to question old orthodoxies. He makes a significant contribution by finally divorcing covenanting from federal theology … and an even more significant one by dissecting with care and real insight the tensions within puritan thought, in each of his topical categories.” – Sixteenth Century Journal

“A major contribution to our understanding of this movement … a magnificent portrait of a movement that, more than any other, shaped the contours of the historic Scottish church … this book is a comprehensive, systematic introduction to puritan thought.” – Evangelical Times

“In 1986, Mullan produced an excellent work on Scottish Episcopacy. His reputation as an authority on Scottish Protestantism is well earned and greatly increased by his newest book, which serves as a useful companion to the earlier work.” – Northern Scotland

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