A Cancer Diary.5

Today I had a telephone consultation with a thoracic surgeon. He is 96% certain that my tumor is cancerous. He was cagey about its size. He said that the neighbouring lymph nodes appear to be swollen, but he did not opine that the cancer has spread to them. I told him that I was following a course of alternative treatment, including most especially Fenbendazole and he said nothing to discourage me from continuing. I asked whether I should make dietary changes, but he told me to carry on, including my favourite, Mars bars. He even suggested that I deep fry them. We are all waiting for Friday of next week when I will have a PET scan and another CT scan. These will lead to further consultations and the development of a treatment plan.

This afternoon I spent nearly 90 minutes with another man dying from a different lung disease, and he reminded me of the necessity of preparing for disposal of my remains. I shall look into that next week. We are almost finished with changing over accounts into Arlene’s name, and in February I shall transfer ownership of my car into her hands, when the registration comes due.

18 August 2021