A Cancer Diary.1

I had been in good health up until Wednesday night, 28 July, when I couldn’t sleep due to shortness of breath. In the morning I told Arlene that I couldn’t breathe. She immediately whisked me off to the Sturgeon Community Hospital where I spent the next eight hours—EKG, blood tests twice, chest x-ray, CT Scan. At 1610 the attending physician came to me with the diagnosis—lung malignancy.

I hope to be called by specialists by the end of the week and then I should have a clearer idea of what lies ahead, but lung cancer has a near-100% mortality rate because it metastasizes so aggressively. So I am in the process of preparing for the end of my life so Arlene will have to do very little about making ongoing arrangements. She is my primary concern.

Addendum: I am grateful to my circle for offering words of hope. I am glad for that.