A Cancer Diary.7

Yesterday I had a call from a pulmonary medicine office. I thought my appointment would be weeks if not months away, but to my great surprise I was offered one for this afternoon. Fortunately I had not accepted a teaching gig for the afternoon (and my morning assignment was cancelled at the last moment) so I was free to go. I spoke with a young pulmonologist for 20 minutes and then she fetched a more senior physician who had been listening in another office. They are agreed that my right lung appears to be cancerous, though the cancer would seem to be of the slow-growing variety–and yes, that is a “thing”, and I read a technical medical paper on the subject. So where this all ends I do not know. I shall learn more on 25 January when I have another CT scan to see whether the spot has grown since August. This is a bumpy road I am on, but it does not preoccupy my mind and I enjoy my teaching. Speaking of teaching, last week I accepted an assignment to teach junior high (grades 7-9) social studies. I arrived to pick up my papers and found that I had been assigned two blocks of kindergarten and another of grade 2. Weird, but it all pays the same rate, and the variety is interesting. I love the school and it is only a five-kilometre drive from home.